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Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy

Cavitation peeling is performed with a device emitting ultrasonic vibrations which, when directed on wet skin, has the effect of cavitation. Water sprayed on the skin produces microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas, which under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations suddenly burst. As a result, the breakdown of dead cells occurs and a young skin layer is exposed, free of excess bacteria, or toxic substances. It is a great non-invasive cleansing treatment for skin prone to pimples, acne, blackheads and oily skin. It is also highly recommended for skin that is sensitive and delicate (teenagers)

Cavitation peeling is also performed to prepare the skin for some other facial treatments because it opens up the skin pores and facilities the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other active substances into the deeper layers of the skin. In addition to this excellent results are achieved by combining cavitational peeling with electroporation (a small and safe electrical current). The negative ion generated on the surface of the device helps penetration of cosmetic fluids across the skin barrier.  View Mesotherapy Here


  • Removes all toxins
  • Extractions of blackheads
  • Accelerates skin regeneration
  • Painless skin cleansing
  • Helps in the treatment of acne
  • Helps in the treatment of oily skin ailments
  • Improves circulation
  • Brightens the skin
Treatment Procedure

The skin is cleansed from make up grime and surface oils. Serum is applied on skin, the cosmetologist gently removes dead surface skin cells with a ultrasonic hand-piece, equipped with a flat stainless-steel tip. The treatment is painless; the vibrations the patient feels resemble face massage with an electric toothbrush.

Immediately After

The skin may be a little red after the treatment but it will pass after an hour or two.