Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial root replacement that is used to support one or more false teeth. Usually, tooth implants replace missing teeth which have been removed due to injury, disease or decay. It is usually more comfortable than a dental plate or crown and so implants are becoming very popular.

Implants can be implemented to replace either a single missing tooth, more than one or an entire set. In the first instance tooth implants can seem more expensive if compared to other solutions like bridges but in the long run they are cheaper as they last longer and maintenance costs are much lower. From the medical point of view implants are superior to other teeth replacement solutions as they look and feel – and more importantly – function like your own teeth.

Not everyone can have teeth implants however. Your oral health and bone condition must be examined by an experienced dental implant dentist or implantologist first.

What are the benefits of tooth implants for you?

  • They can replace one or several or your teeth without the need of filing down your adjacent teeth.
  • They can give support to a bridge, so you don’t have to wear a removable partial denture
  • If you decide to have a denture, having several tooth implants as a support can make it more comfortable.
  • They can stabilise the jawbone, helping to keep the bone integrity for longer.