about us

As a family run business we are always proud to welcome New Patients to Castlebawn Dental Practice Ltd. We are located at 63 South Street, Newtownards and 32-34 Victoria Road, Bangor. Each practice is situated close to a public car park and both premises have excellent disability access.

With modern equipment and up-to-date technology we can provide independent dental care at the highest standard. This includes digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras that will let you see what the dentist can see.

After consultation with your dentist you will be able to make an informed decision about your dental treatment. A range of options will be available to meet your specific needs.

Newtownards Practice

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore Dentist - Newtownards

    B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2005

    • David Spalding
      David Spalding Dentist - Newtownards

      B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2016

      • Tessa Hughes
        Tessa Hughes Dentist - Newtownards

        B.D.S. (GLA) 2010

        • Jayne Steele
          Jayne Steele Dentist - Newtownards

          B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2008

          • Jackie Crozier
            Jackie Crozier Dentist - Newtownards

            B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2001 M.F.G.D.P.

            • Dr Stephanie Sheridan
              Dr Stephanie Sheridan Dentist

              B.D.S. B.D.S (Q.U.B) 2013
              GDC – 243842

              • Gillian Mottram
                Gillian Mottram HYGIENIST - NEWTOWNARDS

                Diploma in Dental Hygiene Belfast 2003

                • Melanie Smith
                  Melanie Smith Hygienist

                  Dip Dent Hygiene Belf 2005
                  GDC – 6702

                  • Christina Brady
                    Christina Brady Hygienist

                    B.D.S (Q.U.B) 2017
                    GDC – 271274

                    Bangor Practice

                    • Julie Robinson
                      Julie Robinson Principal Dentist - Bangor

                      B.D.S. (Q.U.B.) 1996

                      • Leah Knox
                        Leah Knox Dentist - Bangor

                        B.D.S (Q.U.B) 2012

                        • Caroline Jamison
                          Caroline Jamison Dentist - Bangor

                          B.D.S. (Gla.) 2005

                          • Karin Lyons
                            Karin Lyons Dentist - Bangor

                            B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2002

                            • Laura Murray
                              Laura Murray Dentist - Bangor

                              B.D.S. (Dun.) 2004

                              • Catriona McGrath
                                Catriona McGrath DENTIST - BANGOR

                                B.D.S. (Belf) 2011

                                • Mark Tarpey Dentist - Bangor

                                  B.D.S. (Q.U.B) 2005
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                                  • Dr Jemma Coates
                                    Dr Jemma Coates

                                    B.D.S (GLA) 2016
                                    GDC – 265725

                                    • Kathryn Graham
                                      Kathryn Graham

                                      B.D.S. (Dun.) 2014
                                      GDC – 250771

                                      • Lana Carberry
                                        Lana Carberry

                                        Dip Dent Hygiene
                                        GDC – 5164

                                        why choose us

                                        • A friendly purpose built practice
                                        • Value for money
                                        • Same day emergency treatment
                                        • Advanced cosmetic solutions
                                        • Mercury’ free white fillings
                                        • Crowns, veneers and bridges
                                        • Oral hygiene treatment
                                        • The latest digital x-ray equipment which reduces radiation exposure and provides a better diagnosis with clear images of your teeth
                                        • Latest sterilization equipment
                                        • Disability access for patients
                                        • Intra oral camera – allows you to see what the dentist can see!
                                        • Thanks to Castlebawn Dental, The service was excellent.

                                          Jeniffer Watson
                                        • We've used Castlebawn Dental for the last five years.

                                          John Kate
                                        • Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Castlebawn Dental is awesome!

                                          Sara Parker